Our Beaches


Surf Beach: Extending from the north breakwater of the harbour to the mouth of the Irwin River. A white sand beach of almost 1km.

Granny’s Beach: From the breakwater for a distance of 50 metres is a well protected and ideal swimming area for both adults and children, known as Granny’s Beach.

The next 75m of beach is available for swimming, but lends itself more to Board surfing and wind surfing.

Bring your paddle boards, boogie boards, jet skis, surfboards and kites to enjoy our pristine waters at Grannys Beach, Nunns Pool and South Beach.

South Beach: Ideal beach for swimming. From the parking lot, this wide white sand beach stretches to the horizon of the south. In summer many visitors take their vehicles along the kilometres of packed sand and find their own isolated stretch of magnificent shore and Crystal clear water. For the adventurous, it affords an invigorating, picturesque three km round walk. This beach is also home to our Surf Club and visitors are most welcome to join in activities. Also situated here is The little Starfish, which is open all summer with ice creams, drinks, lollies And all that your hunger pangs may desire.

The Marina: Swimming is discouraged in the marina due to the fishing vessels; however it is highly recommended for the beauty and tranquillity of its surroundings.

The Fishermans: Lookout-Obelisk at Port Denison offers panoramic views of the harbour and surrounds. A plaque depicting local shipwrecks is on display at the Obelisk. A boardwalk now surrounds the Obelisk to allow easy viewing.

Back Beach: (also known as town beach and Seaspray Beach) an excellent beach fishing spot, but not advised as a swimming beach as there is often a rapid fall away and rip at this site.